Life is short.

As usual I was running late but this wasn’t my most pressing concern. In the rush to round up some last minute items for our flight to South Carolina I stubbed my toe. Well it would be more accurate to say that I almost ripped my toe off. I won’t go into all the vivid… Read More »


We are back! To recap: We have been talking about basic or naked spirituality. This series is trying to answer the question: What does being a person who connects with God look like if you strip away all the complicated stuff and make it as simple as possible? We all agree that life comes to… Read More »


This is the second blog post in the Hillside Students Message Archive and the fourth talk in our 12 Words Series.  This series is based loosely off a book by Brian Mclaren called Naked Spirituality.  For the last few weeks we have been talking about the most basic elements of the spiritual life. We discussed… Read More »